Street Parties and Street Theater

Design Ideas for Puppets


Purely Cardboard Puppet Costumes

Fathead Fish


Note: These are good puppets to make with even very small children. They can draw the original shape, and after an adult has cut out the two sides and put them together, they can do low relief on them with papier mache, or just paint them. The shape can be made less boxy by making the connecting strips wider or narrower.

Pole Dragon

Note: This is a good puppet for young children to make.

Face Banner

Note: This needs several layers of very light cloth, preferably cheesecloth.

Shimmy Dancer

Note: Shimmy Dancer takes about six yards of cloth for costume and hair. The hoops are in seams in the cloth.


Note: Hattifatner takes about six yards of cloth.

The Examples of Pageants and Processions

The Street is a Shining Sea




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