Forms of Decisionmaking and Organization

For Anarchists, the means and methods that are used for achieving a goal must be consistent with the goal itself. If we are out to achieve the goal of a free society we cannot do so by authoritarian, top-down means. Anarchists reason that if our collective goal is a free society, then we must organize and make decisions in the same manner that we would if we were actually living in a free society right now -- you won't know how to live free unless you learn to live free now.

This section is devoted to showing the common forms of decision making and and the common units of organization that Anarchists employ and which most closely reflect Anarchist ideals. The information is presented in a way that will be useful for both making decisions for protests and direct actions but also for making decisions in the context of long term projects and social arrangements.

Direct Democracy
Meetings and Facilitation
Affinity Groups
Federations and Networks

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