"Now you ask me how you could help this movement or what you could do, and I have no hesitation in saying, much. Every revolution requires revolutionists..." --Isabel Meredith, A Girl Among the Anarchists

"Each one, teach one." --Bob Marley

This book is an attempt at a convenient and straightforward guide to anarchist organizing and action. It is a collection and condensation of the collective wisdom of countless activists and others who took the effort to write down what they learned from experience for the rest of us to share and put into practice. This book is designed to be a tool in the effort to build an Anarchist movement and, ultimately, a free society. However, all radicals, Anarchist or not, who fight for the ideals of autonomy, direct democracy, and freedom for all will find that virtually everything contained in this book is useful to them as well.

Since this book is a practical guide to organizing, direct action, protest, and long term Anarchist projects you will not find much theory in here – there are plenty of other books that will provide you with all the Anarchist theory you could want. But for the benefit of the non-anarchist who may read this book, I will briefly furnish here what I mean by the word Anarchism:

Anarchism is a social, economic, and political movement which largely predates other currently existing radical leftist movements like Marxism, for example. There are many different schools of Anarchist thought, mainly differing on either how an Anarchist society should specifically be organized or specifically how an Anarchist society can be reached. But, regardless of these differences, all legitimate branches of Anarchism share a common commitment to the following four basic principles: individual freedom, social and economic equality, free association, and mutual aid (i.e. cooperation and solidarity). All legitimate Anarchists essentially seek to create a classless, stateless society, free of oppression and exploitation, that is organized and held together by the four principles mentioned above.

For a more complete and straightforward introduction to Anarchism, I suggest that those who are curious should consult the Anarchist FAQ:

The purpose of this book is primarily to provide all the practical tools an anarchist activist may need to do organizing work, to work in any capacity in a protest or direct action, and to develop and nurture projects which will serve as the infrastructure for a future free world.

It is my hope that this book has something for everyone interested in making this world a better place for all and, most importantly, that people will put what they learn from this book into practice to achieve that end. You are welcome to copy and distribute this book, or portions of it, freely. And, furthermore, I encourage people to add to and improve this information as they see fit.

Against Capitalism and the State.
Against All Authority.
For a Free Humanity.
For Anarchism.

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