References and Recommended Reading

Introduction to Anarchism


Noam Chomsky, Notes On Anarchism (Discussion Bulletin)
Daniel Guerin, Anarchism (Monthly Review)
Peter Kropotkin, Anarchism and Anarchist Communism (Freedom Press)
Donald Rooum, What Is Anarchism?: An Introduction (Freedom Press)


The Anarchist FAQ

Anarchy For Anybody

Forms of Decision Making and Organization


A. Bauer, With The Peasants Of Aragon (Cienfuegos Press, 1982)
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"Parliament or democracy?", Workers Solidarity Movement Pamphlet

Direct Democracy

On Conflict and Consensus



Media Alliance Publications

Center for Public Integrity, Citizen Muckraking: How to Investigate and Right Wrongs in Your Community (Common Courage Press)


Wheat Pasting Made Fun and Simple

Guidelines for Tabling

Red and Black Book Project

Public Speaking Tips

The Virtual Activist

An activist guide to exploiting the Media

Say it on the radio

Organizing and Action


Rober Fisher, Let the People Decide: Neighborhood Organizing in America, Vol. 1 (Macmillan Library Reference)
Linda Jill Markowitz, Worker Activism after Successful Union Organizing (M. E. Sharpe, Inc.)
Martin Jay Levitt, Confessions of a union buster (Crown Publishers)


Organizing Communities

IWW Organizing Center

Kensington Welfare Rights Union

Lesbian Avenger Handbook

Tools for Organizers

The Ruckus Society Training Manuals

Ozymandias' Sabotage Handbook

Encyclopedia of Direct Action

The genetiX snowball Handbook for Action

Direct Action Gets the Goods

WOMBLES Homepage

Bodyhammer: protester self-defense

Squat for Affordable Housing

Wise Fool Puppetry Handbook

The Puppeteers' Cooperative Home Page

Security, Protection, and Self-Defense


Joel Scambray, Stuart McClure, George Kurtz, Hacking Exposed (McGraw-Hill Professional Book Group)
Jack Luger, How to Use Mail Drops for Profit, Privacy, and Self-Protection (Loompanics Unlimited)


TAO Security Homepage


COINTELPRO: The Danger we Face

ALF Security Homepage

Guidelines, Strategy and Tactics for Legal Observers

Effective Videotaping Techniques for Legal Observers

Rocky Mountain Survival Group First Aid Page

Black Cross Health Collective

Montreal Street Medics Urgence Manifs Montréal

Healing Trauma for Activists


Do You Need a Weapon?

Anarchist Projects


Gregory Macleod, From Mondragon to America: experiments in community economic development (Goose Lane Editions)
Michael Albert, Moving Forward (AK Press)
Janet Biehl, The politics of social ecology: libertarian municipalism (Black Rose Books)


Center for Cooperatives at UC Davis

University of Wisconsin Center for Cooperatives

Community Supported Agriculture of North America at UMass

USDA Community Supported Agriculture Resources

Sustainable Agriculture Network

The Citizen's Handbook

(Dis)Connection Archive

The Freetown of Christiania

Italy's Cultural Underground

Squatters Handbook

Your Friendly Neighborhood Infoshop

Demise of the Beehive Collective: Infoshops Ain't the Revolution

Radio Is My Bomb

Questions and Answers about Microradio

Micropower Broadcasting - A Technical Primer

Organizing a Tenants Association

Beyond Squat or Rot : Anarchist Approaches to Housing

Anarchist Communitarian Network

Food Not Bombs

Homes Not Jails

Anti-Racist Action


Earth First!

Reclaim the Streets

Fundraising and Non-Profit Organizations


National Database of Non-Profit Organizations

Grants and Related Resources

Five alternatives to starting a nonprofit

PANO's Tips on How to Become a Nonprofit Organization in Pennsylvania


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