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Computer Security

Computer security is a very broad subject and computer technology changes so quickly that to recommend any particular technology definitively would make this document quickly obsolete. Therefore I have decided to provide links to very useful computer security sites and "The Campaigners' Computer Maintenance Mantra" which provides the essential information that every activist should now about maintaining basic computer security. -- Helping activists stay safe in our oppressive world. -- The whole world is watching. You can defend yourself.

Federal Guidelines for Searching and Seizing Computers

The Campaigners' Computer Maintenance Mantra
By Paul Mobbs <>
with modifications by the editor

This is my computer. There are many like it but this one is mine.
My computer is my campaigning tool. Campaigns are my life.
I must master my computer as I must master my life.
Without me my computer is nothing.
Without my computer my campaigns are nothing.

I must protect my computer. I must secure the building and the room it is in.
I must prevent thieves or private investigators stealing my data and my computer.
I must connect my equipment to a single power point to isolate it with one switch.
I must disconnect my modem when it is not in use.

I must maintain my computer to keep it operating efficiently.
I must regularly conduct system maintenance to prevent errors.
Every month I must check my system for viruses.
I will scan the file system for errors. I will de-fragment the drives if they need it.
I will check the operating system for itinerant temporary files and delete them.
I will delete or copy onto disks unwanted or surplus files in my work area.

I must back up my data REGULARLY.
'Regularly' means when I finish major work or do system maintenance.
I will secure my backed up data in a place where it is safe from fire and theft.
In case of raids I will occasionally give copies of my back ups to trusted friends.
Before shutting down I will always check that the backed up files are readable.

I will practice computer security better than I practice safe sex.
I will check any files received by email or on disk for viruses.
I will not execute any new programs before they have been scanned for viruses.
I will disable all the macros of any documents I receive before opening them.

As a campaigner who uses a computer this mantra will guide my life.
My computer and myself are defenders of the Earth and Humanity.
Those who would destroy the world have better computers than we do.
But we will win because we have superior morals and motivation.
So be it until we dance on the ruins of the multinational corporations,
and an anarchist society is attained.

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