Educate Yourself About the CIA

The CIA was ostensibly formed to gather intelligence about enemies who posed a threat to the American people. In reality, it has been an enemy of the American people.

$The CIA has secretly imported heroin and cocaine into the United States. 
$The CIA has assassinated popularly-elected leaders all over the world.
$The CIA has spied on, and killed, Americans exercising our rights to shape our own society.
$The CIA has performed sadistic "medical experiments" on unwitting people.
$The CIA has trained torturers.
$The CIA has carried on secret wars against democratic movements on every continent.

WE have paid for it. Not only in dollars but in ruined lives. Use the on-line resources below to educate yourself, so you can educate others about the real nature of the CIA's activities. Know your rights. Exercise them! Organize!

CIA Factsheet and Reading List

Read excerpts from the CIA Manual on Torture Techniques

Educate your group or organization:
Lectures by Michael Ruppert

A Secret History of the clandestine establishment of Narcocracy in the Americas

Cocaine Importing Agency
research on the CIA/drug connection from CSUN

a collection of articles, lectures, documents and links

Real History Archives Links
an on-line library

Prevailing Winds Research
articles and study materials

Covert Action Quarterly
publication devoted to reporting/exposing CIA/Intelligence
activities worldwide

The Portland Free Press
an independent paper which exposes CIA activites

Reading List on Intelligence Agencies
a bibliography of books and other publications