Questions for Mary Berry 
From: Mark Hernandez <>

Some questions to ask Dr. Berry, if she allows it...the Fresno Free College Foundation and KFCF would be *very* interested in her answers...preferably on video tape:

"Dr. Berry, the KPFA studios were locked on July 13, and the satellite system was sealed inside with the guards, apparently functioning and operational until July 23, when the signal was abruptly cut.  No one but the Pacifica-hired guards were known to be in the building between July 14 and July 29, and yet the satellite system was found to be not only damaged but damaged in a deliberate and malicious fashion when the Berkeley City building and fire inspectors entered the locked facility on the morning of July 30 to assess the safety hazards inside KPFA. Since this satellite equipment was not owned by either Pacifica or KPFA, but was directed to be both covered and protected by the legal owners, what is your explanation for the outright disregard of the property of others in this situation?"

"Why were ISDN lines inappropriately connected to the satellite system by non-FCC qualified engineers in defiance of FCC rules and regulations, causing what appears to be a significant portion of the damages?"

"Why was the satellite system over-modulated to the point of causing internal damages to the satellite system, in defiance of FCC-mandated rules and regulations?"

"What are the names and addresses of those persons who performed the work on the satellite systems in defiance of the specifica requests of the legal owners, and who authorized them to perform that work?"

"How long will Pacifica continue to pirate the satellite system that it does not own and is operating without the consent of the legal and legitimate owners to feed Pacifica programming in defiance of a signed legal contract to provide services to the legal owners of the satellite system?"

"What is the source of this programming being sent without permission or consent of the legal owners of the satellite system, and why does the source continue to broadcast illegal station identifications over the KPFA signal, per FCC rules and regulations?"

"Who authorized the signals being sent over the satellite systems without the consent or permissions of the legal owners of the equipment?"

"Who authorized the cessation of the satellite signal to the legally contracted recipients, in violation of the contractual agreement, that occurred on July 23?"

"Why has neither Lynn Chadwick, yourself, or any other member of the Pacifica Board bothered to make contact with the legal owners of the satellite system to explain the situation; further, why did Lynn Chadwick outright lie to the legal owners of the satellite systems about the security and safety of the equipment and the commitment of Pacifica to honor its legal and legitimately contracted agreements?"

Feel free to ask whatever pertinent questions may arrive as a result of her answers...but we would truly appreciate a recorded response to these and other questions.