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From:            "Sheridan, John" <John_Sheridan@chiron.com>
Subject:         Good Turnout Today (Th.) in SF Protest against Epstein, Becker  and Green attorney!
Date sent:       Thu, 18 Jan 2001 11:01:09 -0800

Nearly 20 dedicated souls picketed with signs and flyers in front of the
Stanford Court Hotel at 905 California Street today to protest the
appearance of Peter M. Pankin From Epstein, Becker and Green at a "Labor
Relations" Law Conference in San Francisco today on Jan 18.  The reception
given for this union buster caught the security of the hotel by surprise.
They came out and told us there was no conference.  Then they told us that
the sidewalk was private property - neither of which were true.

A number of attorneys and other interested people came out to ask us what
we were doing.  We explained that John Murdock of EBG is an appointed
member of the Pacifica Board now engaged in rewriting the Pacifica bylaws
to eliminate any future threat to their corporate plans to sell off the
stations. We also explained that the firm of EBG is also representing
Pacifica Bosses in the court cases to take back control of the station
from these union busters.

There will be another picket on Friday morning, January 19, 2001 as the
conference moves into its second day.  For those of you unable to make
today's picket, come tomorrow at 8:00 a.m. At 8:30 a.m. Mr. Pankin of
Epstein, Becker and Green will give another little talk on "Union
Organizing-- What to do when the union knocks; handling NLRB
representation cases, nuances of bargaining unit questions, effective
employer campaigns, election and post-election problems".  What a guy!

NEXT WEEK! - Plans are for a major mass demonstration in front of the
Epstein, Becker and Green offices in San Francisco at 2 Embarcadero, in
downtown SF!  This will be at 4 PM, Tuesday January 23.  Everyone please
come out for this.  We have to turn up the heat on these remorseless,
selfish and ruthless corporate raiders.

PICKET, ORGANIZE and FIGHT THEM BACK!  Power is all they understand.


-- John Sheridan
Coalition for a democratic Pacifica