KPFK/UE 1421 Seeks Support
August, 1996

Dear UE Friends and Allies,

The UE members at KPFK-Los Angeles (local 1421) and WBAI-New York (local 404) are currently negotiating with the Pacifica Foundation. Pacifica has obtained the services of notorious west coast "Union Busting" consulting firm, American Consulting Group (ACG), in an all out attack on our UE locals. Pacifica is using the public contributions that their listeners contribute and the members work very hard to solicit to pay for the "Union Busting" services of ACG.

At KPFK-Los Angeles, the UE contract expired in 1991 and UE members have ben trying to negotiate ever since then. UE members took a pay cut in 1994 and have not had a wage increase since. This is due to Pacifica's inability to maintain consistent Station Managers at KPFK. Yet UE members continue to produce the progressive programs that Pacifica has been known for and continue to solicit contributions to keep KPFK on the air.

Today, under Pacifica Executive Director Pat Scott, the members of UE Local 1421 are under attack. The UE contract has been labeled "archaic" and "unclear" by KPFK manager Mark Schubb. ACG consultants have rewritten and proposed a contract that offers less than the Pacifica Employee Handbook. Pacifica and ACG are also proposing to remove members from the bargaining unit under the guise that they are "Creative Personnel." The Pacifica Handbook states that "Non-managerial employees have the right to organize and be represented by a collective bargaining agreement."

Leadership on behalf of the members of UE Local 1421 at KPFK-Los Angeles are asking for your support of all UE locals in this struggle. The members ask that you write, call or fax one or all of the Pacifica Foundation officials and demand that the Pacifica Foundation:

1. Separate themselves from all ties to the American Consulting Group and,
2. Negotiate a fair and equitable contract with UE local 1421.

The members of UE local 1421 at KPFK thank you for any support or actions in support of their struggle to win a fair and equitable contract.

The KPFK Negotiating Committee
(Signed) Terry Guy

Diane James
Frank Stoltze

ps. Please send a copy of your letter or fax to our Local's office.

United Electrical, Radio, and Machine Workers of America (UE)
828 N. Bristol Street #181
Santa Ana, CA 92703
phone: (714) 836-4101
Fax: (714) 836-8046