UE Rep Protests Threats
from John Fernandes, 1421 UE Rep, to Mark Schubb, 8/96

August 30th, 1996

Mr. Mark Schubb, Station Manager
3729 Cahuenga Blvd. West
North Hollywood, CA. 91604

certified: # Z 172 341 228

Dear Mark:

     On Thursday 8-29-96, the union leadership requested that I 
attend a lunch time meeting at the station.  This meeting lasted 
approximately one half hour (1/2 hour) from 12:00 to 12:30 p.m.  
After the conclusion of the meeting, the chief steward walked 
with me to my vehicle, and as we were discussing union business, 
you rudely interrupted our conversation.  You yelled at the chief 
steward to get all the union members who attended the 12:00 p.m. 
union meeting back to another meeting.  When asked by the chief 
steward if their Union Representative could attend, you yelled 

     I was totally stunned by your rude interruption of my 
conversation with the chief steward.  I then calmly asked you if 
this meeting was of a disciplinary nature, you threatened to "ban 
me from the property."  I then mentioned that would be a 
violation of Labor Law, you then closed the door to the station 
in my face and proceeded off to the meeting.  I was informed by 
more than one member that you then accused all the union members 
of insubordination.

     Let me remind you of the existing Collective Bargaining 
agreement still in effect.  Section XXIX reads "Union meetings 
may be held at KPFK either during lunch or on an employee's own 
time."  This long standing practice has been unchallenged by at 
least three station managers prior to your arrival at KPFK as 
station manager.  You, yourself, prior to the start of 
negotiations and the involvement of the American Consulting Group 
(a.k.a. Center for Human Resources, and (of) whatever other name 
they are using), never opposed the Union having meetings at the 

     The Executive Director, Pat Scott, and at times yourself, 
have been denying that Pacifica is involved in Union Busting and 
that Pacifica does not have any current links to A.C.G.  For you, 
as station manager, to threaten to "ban" a Representative of the 
National Union which represents the KPFK workers, is one of the 
main tactics of "Union Busters" like A.C.G..

 "I must caution you, that continued threats toward myself or any
other Representative of the UE will only fuel the existing fire of
Union Busting at Pacifica and place this Union in a position of filing
possible Labor Board charges.  In closing, I must add that I found
your behavior on Thursday August 29, 1996, to be unwarranted,
unprofessional, and very childlike."


                              John Fernandes
                              Field Organizer, U.E.R.M.W.A.

cc: Jack O'Dell, Chairman, Pacifica Foundation
    Pat Scott, Executive Director, Pacifica Foundation August 30th, 1996