Petition From UE Convention Delegates-September 1996
..protesting unfair labor practices at Pacifica

The following petition was circulated at the national convention of the United Electrical Radio and Machine Workers of America --September,1996-- condemning the "progressive" Pacifica Foundation for unfair labor practices. It was signed by 189 delegates.


We, the delegates to the 61st National Convention of the United Electrical, Radio, and Machine Workers of America (UE), reject and deplore the union-busting and other bad-faith bargaining tactics engaged in by the Pacifica Foundation with UE Local 404 (WBAI, NewYork City), Local 1412 (KPFA, Berkeley), and Local 1421 (KPFK, LosAngeles).

Since Pacifica Foundation represents itself as an institution dedicated to 'Peace and Social Justice', we urge and demand that Pacifica Foundation bargain in good faith with the UE units as they are now constituted and conclude a fair and equitable agreement with its workers so that they can continue to engage in the struggle for'Peace and Social Justice' through the medium of community radio.

We will continue to support our sister UE locals that are engaged in bargaining to achieve UE's collective bargaining goals.

Dated: September 9, 1996
Pittsburgh, PA