KPFA Local 1412 Letter
July 29, 1996

OF AMERICA LOCAL 1412, 5464 Foothill Blvd., Oakland, Ca 94601

Open Letter to Pat Scott, Jack O'Dell, Mark Schubb
In Support of KPFK, U.E. Local 1421
From KPFA, U.E. Local 1412
July 29, 1996
[received August 23 1996]

We support the U.E. members at KPFK, Los Angeles, in their effort to negotiate a fair and equitable contract. Our sisters and brothers at Local 1421 have been working without the benefit of a contract since 1991. Furthermore, as an indication of their ongoing support of KPFK and Pacifica as a progressive, alternative institution, they agreed to a pay reduction in 1994. The union staff at KPFK, like the union staff here at KPFA, have continued to work rigorously on behalf of all station fundraising efforts. They deserve a fair and equitable contract that recognizes their efforts.

We further demand that Pacifica sever all ties with the American Consulting Group (ACG) and no longer engage the services of ACG in the negotiating process between management and the union at KPFK.

As stated in our earlier open letter regarding the situation at KPFA, we fervently hope that Pacifica management will carefully reassess their current approach to their employees and the union which represents them before irreparable damage is done to the reputation of an institution which for 47 years has held itself out as a progressive alternative.

We will continue to closely monitor the situation at KPFK, as well as at WBAI, and will support our U.E. sisters and brothers at those two stations in an appropriate manner.

cc: KPFA Local Board
Pacifica National Board
Union Stewards, KPFK
Union Stewards, WBAI
U. E. Local 1412
U. E. National