Downloadable Flyers, Posters and such

the leaflet project

The leaflets below were produced by a variety of volunteers. They are presented here in the Adobe Acrobat .pdf format which is designed to allow one to print the page exactly as it appears, providing on has the free Adobe Acrobat Reader Software.

Leaflets Available
Leaflet Title Page Count Leaflet description
Petition to the FCC: NO Station Sales - Lynn Gannett 1 page Works for any station area; has room for multiple signers
Goons R US
Produced by Lynn Gannett of Save Our Station
1 page Color: based on a the IPSA International website - good for any station
Pacifica's Fate: Counterpunch
Produced by Lynn Gannett of Save Our Station
2 pages a reproduction of the 2/16 issue of Counterpunch, edited by Alexander Cockburn and Jeff St. Clair. Explains the takeover attempt and includes the letter encouraging democratic restructuring of Pacifica from Noam Chomsky, Edward Herman and Howard Zinn - good background material
The Capturing of Pacifica: Counterpunch
Produced by Lynn Gannett of Save Our Station
4 pages an extensive explanation of thehistory of the coup attempt, tracing developments since 1997, and detailing the role of the Corporation for Public Broadcasting in supporting the takeover
A Storm is Approaching Pacifica Radio
Produced by John Sommers
1 page Is free speech radio dead and gone in Los Angeles? Gives Free Pacifica website and local phone numbers - nice graphic as well
Cockburn in the Nation Magazine
produced by William Griswold
2 pages Flyer version of Alexander Cockburn's  April 1999 Beat the Devil Column on Pacifca
produced by Lyn Gerry
1 page KPFK Manager Mark Schubb cleanses airwaves of programs mentioning KPFA/Pacifica Crises
Pacifica on the Brink
produced by John Sommers
1 page Poses questions. Contact info and general situation - nice graphic
Should you contribute to KPFK?
produced by John Sommers
1 page Pacifica and KPFK will soon be assking for your money. Do they deserve your unconditional support?

Got a Good Leaflet Idea?

This is an invitation to any and all that have ideas for leaflets to be prepared to submit material for preparation of leaflets, which will then be linked to the FreePacifica website and available to download at PDF files at the end of the process.

The criteria for material to be accepted and worked upon to produce a leaflet are:

1.  The material must be of sufficient length to produce at least one single- sided 8-1/2x11 leaflet and not more than one double-sided document.
2.  The material must be composed adequately and at least rudimentarily formatted so I can understand what you want it to look like.
3.  If graphics are wanted, either indicate basically what you have in mind  within a given space on the page or send a graphics file that can be incorporated into the leaflet.

Random thoughts and vague suggestions are not welcome and will be discarded.  Only thought-out, essentially composed leaflets ready for final composition and typesetting will be considered.  Each submission received will be acknowledged with my indication of whether or not it meets the criteria for development into a flyer.

THERE WILL BE NO CENSORSHIP FOR CONTENT -- REJECTIONS WILL BE ONLY BECAUSE THE MATERIAL SUBMITTED DOES NOT MEET THE EDITING CRITERIA.  [I anticipate that if material is received in accordance with the criteria, each leaflet will take me no more than 1 hour of typesetting to finalize and forward to the webmaster for posting.]

Responses/submissions should be sent to

Thanks in advance for your interest and participation.