Pacifica National Board member Pete Bramson¹s statement 
at 7/28/99 Berkeley press conference


My name is Pete Bramson.  That's spelled B-R-A-M-S-O-N.  I have been a member of the Pacifica National Board since March of last year.  My day job is as a systems support manager for a computerized ticketing agency, and I live in Oakland.

I take no pleasure in being here today but I cannot remain silent while Pacifica's National Board holds serious discussions in secret about selling KPFA.

KPFA is a national treasure.  My commitment is to the KPFA staff and listening community.  I hope that by making the public [aware] we can help convince the rest of the Board not to go through with this tragic plan.

Pacifica Board Chair Mary Frances Berry has repeatedly said during these past several weeks that she has no intention of selling KPFA.  That's not true.

During a telephone conference call yesterday, Pacifica Board Vice Chair David Acosta put forward the following proposal.  I want to emphasize there was no vote.  But the executive committee of the board was to
continue discussing this issue today.  I do not serve on that committee.

There are several parts to this plan, which is somewhat complicated and was floated in an incomplete fashion yesterday.  So I'll give you the highlights.

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