Drummers at the 7/26 demo in front of Fineman and Associates
Monday, July 26 (Day 1) Demo at Fineman's 

(demos will continue until Mr. Fineman ceases to the subscribers' funds to cover-up the malfeasant actions of Pacifica's Board of Directors)
Photos from the protest

Reports on the 07/26/99 Fineman Protest

Date sent: Mon, 26 Jul 1999 16:24:01 -0400 (EDT)
From: Steve Wagner <lakemerrittneighbors@yahoo.com>
Subject: Michael Fineman Endorses Free Speech!


On the first day of leafletting at the offices of Pacifica's new
spinmeister, Fineman Associates, located just off 2nd Street between
Market and Mission Streets, at 71 Stevenson Street in San Francisco,
the three leafletters and the two MAGNIFICENT(!) bongo-players who
showed-up were joined by a dozen of San Francisco's finest, the SFPD
Riot Squad.

One SFPD officer went in to speak to Michael Fineman, who he said had
called them. He explained to Mr. Fineman that we were peacefully
leafletting, and not disturbing the peace or anything, and Michael
Fineman conceded that he "supposed that was alright."

So you have it straight from the horse: You not only have a
constitutional right to offer leaflets to people coming and going from
Mr. Fineman's office building -- You also have Mr. Fineman's begrudging

See you there? Every day at Noon, 71 Stevenson Street, San Francisco.
(Off 2nd Street, between Market and Mission Streets: Montgomery Street
BART is real close by).

From: Marcello Aurelio Lanfranchi <marcello@sirius.com>
Subject: First Day of Fineman Protest a Success!
Date sent: Mon, 26 Jul 1999 15:56:44 -0700

Despite late announcement (by yours truly) of the daily protests at Pacifica's PR firm, we had a decent turnout today and we made a big impact! We stared out with four official protesters (myself included) handing out leaflets. A man and a woman played African drums to draw attention. At least two people who work in the building helped us leaflet until we ran out (only a couple hundred). The whole thing lasted about 45 minutes.

I was quite pleased with today's turnout, especially considering that my message didn't hit the main listserve until almost 9 last night. I fully expect more support tomorrow. The cops outnumbered us three to one today, but they were really cool (as opposed to those in Berkeley).

The building manager must have been really worried. They had guards at both main entrances, and had told all employees that they'd have to present picture ID to get into the building during lunch.

We'll be back tomorrow, and every day after until Fineman and Associates stops accepting our listener-donated funds to put a spin on why it's good that our community station is off the air.

Come and join us tomorrow in front of the Fineman offices at 71 Stevenson Street, near 2nd Street i
n downtown San Francisco, beginning at noon on Monday, July 25. For a map to help you get there, go to [http://www.mapblast.com/mblast/map.mb?loc=us&worldres=&CMD=GEO&AD2=71+Stevenson+street&AD3=san+francisco].

Please visit [http://www.radio4all.org/freepacifica/fineman/index.html] to download and print posters and handouts to bring to the protest.

Also, please express your concerns to Michael Fineman and Associates [mfineman@finemanpr.com] that
they are receiving our listener contributions in direct violation of Pacifica's mission. Check out the sample letter at [http://www.sirius.com/~marcello/pacifica_crisis.htm#letter].

For more info. on the ongoing Pacifica crisis, please visit:

Thank you,

Marcello Aurelio Lanfranchi
Ecological Villager's Alliance


Day 2

Photos of Day 2

Date sent:       Tue, 27 Jul 1999 13:49:11 -0700 (PDT)
From:            Steve Wagner <lakemerrittneighbors@yahoo.com>
Subject:         All fine on the Fineman front
To:              freepacifica@recordist.com
Send reply to:   freepacifica@penguin.josephson.com

The 2nd day of leafleting at Fineman Associates went very well.  There
were fewer police, more leafleters, and lots of enthusiasm.  The few
people who did not take leaflets usually would comment that they had
already gotten one yesterday, or already knew about the situation with
KPFA. There were no negative comments from anyone. Fineman Associates,
Pacifica's replacement for their fired Public Relations Prevaricator Elan
Fabbri, is located at 71 Stevenson Street, San Francisco, just off 2nd
Street between Market and Mission Streets.


Day 3

Photos of Day 3

From:            Marcello Aurelio Lanfranchi <marcello@sirius.com>
To:              "'Free Pacifica'" <freepacifica@recordist.com>,
        "'Save Pacifica'"
Subject:         Fineman Protest, Day 3
Date sent:       Wed, 28 Jul 1999 18:56:12 -0700
Send reply to:   freepacifica@penguin.josephson.com


Thank you to all who called, faxed, and emailed the San Francisco Mayor
and Board of Supervisors.  It worked.  While our presence has quadrupled
since Monday's demonstration, the police presence has disappeared.  Only
one cop showed up to confirm that we "knew the rules" about not
restricting access, etc.

Our voices are being heard!

Today, at least 12 protesters passed out leaflets to passers by.  Once
again, we left with no leftovers.  Several people expressed their deepest
solidarity with the KPFA struggle.  One woman who works in a neighboring
office building donated $20 for us to make extra copies.  Thanks to her,
and everyone else who contributed their money and time today!  Also,
thanks to the copy shop down the street who is giving us a discount on
copying costs.

We must keep it up!  Please join us tomorrow, and every weekday, until
Fineman & Associates disassociates themselves from Pacifica.  Bring signs
and leaflets which you can download from

The Fineman offices are at 71 Stevenson St., one block south of Market,
near 2nd St. in downtown San Francisco.  Check out
venson+street&AD3=san+francisco] for a map to help you get there.

For regular updates, visit EVA's Pacifica in Crisis site

In solidarity,

Ecological Villager's Alliance
+ + +
Fascists?  In Berkeley?!?  Booooo!

Day 4

Photos of Day 4

Date sent:       Thu, 29 Jul 1999 14:41:06 -0700 (PDT)
From:            Steve Wagner <lakemerrittneighbors@yahoo.com>
Subject:         Day Four at the Fineman Front
To:              freepacifica@recordist.com
Send reply to:   freepacifica@penguin.josephson.com

The daily educational vigil at Fineman Associates in San Francisco is
still on each weekday at Noon. Meet at Michael Fineman's office building
at 71 Stevenson Street, just off 2nd Street between Market and Mission
Streets, about a block from the Montgomery Street BART station. Bring
flyers, signs, friends, enthusiasm, a desire to talk to interested
strangers, and yourself!

There was some confusion: Lots of people commented that they had heard
that "it was all over," and that we had won, so why were we still out
there?  We distributed a statement, "Pacifica's Deal is NO DEAL," along
with notices for the demonstration on Saturday.

There were no police today, not even to ask us if we "knew the rules," as
an officer asked us yesterday.