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Bay Area:


In Los Angeles:

There will be an emergency meeting on the KPFK/Pacifica crisis Thursday:

6:30 pm, Thursday, Sept. 9
1010 S. Flower St.
Los Angeles

Here's some background: (for more information on the immediate problems at
KPFK, check the L.A. Labor News website:

Labor Leaders Join Move to Save Pacifica

The only progressive radio station in Los Angeles, KPFK, and its parent
organization, the Pacifica Network are on the verge of renouncing their
roots and going "mainstream." Already, many of the community shows on KPFK
have been replaced by music, notwithstanding that nearly all other radio
stations play music. The Spanish-language block on Saturdays was suddenly
discontinued, Sept. 4, by management.

Reporter Robin Urevich, a frequent contributor to "Working L.A.," the only
labor show on the air in Southern California has been declared a persona
non grata by station manager Mark Schubb. Urevich wrote an article for the
Harbor-area newspaper, Random Lengths, Aug. 20, entitled "Where Was/Is
KPFK?" In it, Urevich points to the lack of coverage of the continuing
Pacifica crisis on its own radio station.

"Working L.A.," which has already been warned by station management not to
discuss the widely-reported problems at KPFK, may be next to get the ax.

Meanwhile, a number of labor leaders have joined academics, elected
officials, artists, writers and activists in forming the Pacifica
Accountability Committee. PAC, which originated in the Bay Area, calls for
ending the censorship throughout the Pacifica network, an accounting of
donor funds and that democratic governance be instituted. They also call
for the immediate resignation of Board Chair Mary Frances Berry and
Executive Director Lynn Chadwick.

Labor PAC members include Brian McWilliams, ILWU President; Chuck Mack,
Teamsters Vice-President; Dolores Huerta, Farm Workers Vice-President;
Juan Gonzalez, Newspaper Guild activist; Sal Rosselli, SEIU 250 President;
and Tom Rankin, California Labor Federation President.


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