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Main offices for phone, fax, email action: 

Epstein Becker & Green Washington, D.C.
1227 25th Street, NW 
Suite 700 
Washington, D.C. 20037-1175 Phone: 202/861-0900 
Fax: 202/296-2882 
Murdocks email:
Email of SF office partner:

Other Epstein Becker & Green offices for street protests:


Park Central VII 
12750 Merit Drive 
Dallas, Texas 

Los Angeles 

1875 Century Park East 
Suite 500 
Los Angeles, California

New York

250 Park Avenue 
New York, New York 

San Francisco 

Two Embarcadero Center Suite 1650 
San Francisco, California 94111-3994


The Epstein, Becker and Green/John Murdock Protest Kit

Protests have been called against Pacifica Board member John Murdock, who is an attorney employed by the union-busting corporate law firm of Epstein, Becker and Green (EBG). EBG has also been hired by the Pacifica National Board to fight the various community-sponsored lawsuits designed to remove the rogue board of directors which has been actively employed in seizing control of Pacifica Radio and censoring its broadcasters with the aim of mainstreaming the content and/or selling one or more of the stations for huge sums of money.


The posters on the left hand side of this page are designed to be printed out on an ordinary black and white inkjet printer, or saved to floppy disc and taken to a print shop. You just need a piece of cardboard to attach them to and a stick. If you are new to protesting, many municipalities have ordinances specifiying what the size or composition of the sign materials may be (to be sure that protesters can't use their signs to defend themselves when attacked by gun-toting, truncheon wielding police) so be sure to find out what those ordinances are and follow them. Locations and contact info for Murdock and EBG are below the poster links.


Mass protests require extensive organization, permits, sound systems, and advance publicity. They can be difficult to sustain over a long period of time. Therefore, we introduce below the low-intensity protest, designed to be sustainable and economical, that can be self-organized by small, autonomous groups of busy people. This method is safe for all ages as it does not employ confrontational tactics that result in arrest.

You will be conducting an informational picket and have no reason to tangle with the police. You don't need a permit as you won't be blocking the sidewalk or making noise. You don't need a crowd, just half a dozen to a dozen friendly listener-sponsors dressed to look unremarkable in the area you will be in, ususally a business or financial district. You should also create a flyer, if you can, to be handed out to passers-by explaining what the role of John Murdock and EBG is in relation to your local station. The best time to do this is during the lunch hour.

Many of the people you encounter won't be listeners of your station. That doesn't matter, the purpose is to convey to passers-by and people who work in the same building with EBG, that EBG and John Murdock are involved in assisting with the theft of a public institution. Most people have donated to a non-profit organization at some time in their lives and it is in the general community interest that non-profit boards behave ethically. Your donations have paid for the hotels, conference rooms, documents, phone calls, phone lines, travel allowances, security guards, PR firms, personnel, and insurance policies that are being used to fight the public desire that these Board members be removed from office for their efforts in the theft of Pacifica and its traditions of free speech, community participation and speaking truth to power. That is not the basis on which you donated to Pacifica Radio, and therefore it is fraud and theft.


Professional advocates such as lawyers, PR firms and press secretaries expect to be treated as invisible conduits for their clients' and employers' positions and desires. They deflect accountability for their own, often considerable, role in the process, by hiding behind the "I'm only doing my job" rationalization. EBG and John Murdock need to know that anybody assisting the Pacifica Board in its activities to steal Pacifica is complicit and culpable.

These signs don't mention Pacifica, why not?

The advertising industry has learned that a simple, universal, emotional message is most effective in creating a memorable association to the product/client/brand. Less is more.

For example, consider the Nike campaign. These ads consisted of an image of a celebrity or other attractive image, the Nike logo, and the slogan "Just Do It."

What does "just do it" mean? Just buy Nike products? Just win an Olympic medal? Just quit your job and move to Tahiti? Just get up the courage to ask your co-worker to dinner? Who knows. It's left up to your imagination. Therefore, a subsconsious association is created between your pleasant desire and Nike. In our case, the aim is to create a negative association, but the mechanics are the same.

Know Your Rights!

EBG is a powerful law firm and they may try to stop your picket in various ways. Here are a few possibilities.

1) They will call the police - you have a first amendment right to express your views. You are not interfering with any persons entering, leaving or passing by. You are not creating a disturbance. You are on public property. You are merely engaged in an informational picket to inform the community about the threat to a public institution and of EBG's role in that. Politely explain this to the police if they arrive. Designate someone in the group who is able to talk to the police calmly without being frightened or enraged.

2) They will threaten you with legal action - as long as you are on the public sidewalk, they can't arrest you for tresspassing. And they can't threaten you with defamation type suits, as you are merely expressing your dislike with their involvement in the Pacifica matter, something that concerns your vital interests. Of course, they may hope thay you don't know that. SLAPP suits are a favorite tool of corporate criminals. Of course, you ought to let any EBG spokesperson who threatens you with any of the above know that you intend to widely publicize their threats. Be calm but firm. Don't give them any ammunition to claim that they were "in fear for their safety" - this is an often used Pacifica ploy.

This protest method was used with great success against Fineman and Associates, the PR firm hired to do spin control on the KPFA lockout. Coupled with calls, e-mails and letters, Fineman was off the case in one week. Fineman realized that continuing to represent Pacifica would damage their reputation with other potential clients.