Transcript: Utrice breaks the news at 1:48 AM, December 23

Below is a transcript of Utrice's on-air announcement after her installation as interim station manager, which took place early Saturday morning, around 1:15 a.m.



MALE VOICE: And you're listening to WBAI-FM in New York, 99.5 on your FM dial, the time is now 1:48, just about 1:48 in the AM and we just want to interrupt the show, just take a little break here for a special and important announcement, and here to give that announcement is Utrice Leid.

UTRICE LEID: We interrupt this program...

MALE VOICE: I know (Laughs)

UTRICE LEID: We interrupt this program...

MALE VOICE: It's not the Hindenburg or anything like that (Laughs)

UTRICE LEID: (Laughs) Well, thank you, and as usual, a very very good and rewarding show. In fact, I was, I'm stunned, I was thinking your may be too young to remember people like the Shylights, and stuff like that.

MALE VOICE: No, we wish we were, but we're afraid not.

UTRICE LEID: Yeah, well, it's sounding good out there. Well I understand your getting a couple of calls and I - it's appropriate we should break something on this show, break, break something, break this just in. I want to say there is, there has been a change in management, and I'm delighted to say I've been named the interim station mangager of WBAI. And I'm hoping that in the coming weeks as we face a tough hill to climb that we will find the energy and the mutual respect and all the good things that we can summon up within ourselves to meet the challenges ahead and we'll do that. In the meantime, there is no need, there is no coup, there's just me, just me, and we are doing some changes, everything remains the same, all programs will continue as always, and as you've been witnessing, you've been here for some time, I don't think you can describe the atmosphere as being , what, no SWAT team is here, and nobody is being patted down, and no metal detectors, or anything like that, we're just making a change and we'll be OK.

So I want to continue doing the work that we have all been dedicated to doing and also to put some extra energy into that and make sure we can climb this hill. We can do it, and together we will continue to do it just as well. Just to let everybody know everything is fine, there is no major concern, there is no need to worry, and as I said the atmosphere here in the station is not at all something of despondency nor hopelesness, and certainly it does not look like a tense situation, everything is fine and calm, and you've been doing your program as always, so continue. And, you know, I want the Creative Unity Group to really stretch out this year, and really, really stretch out, you know what I mean, and get some serious, serious stuff happening -- not that you haven't been, but you know. No changes in programming, no people need to worry about anything, there is nothing going to happen, it is just simply a change in administration that happens every day, and I intend to, with the cooperation of the staff, that we usher in a whole new era here at WBAI, one of mutual respect and confidence in each other, and a rededication to serious work. So, thanks for letting me barge in on your program like this.

MALE VOICE: No problem. I just want to say to those listeners out there, take it easy on our phone lines, because they will melt, they will melt.

MALE VOICE: I'm sure at a later point that there'll be, like, news disseminated through other programming over the course of the day, with, you know, with, like, full details of what's happening?

UTRICE LEID: Yeah, there will be that, later on in the day, once we get some things out of the way here, some technical things that we're looking at, as soon as that is done, you know, I'll be available and it will all be laid out, but I couldn't have thought of a more hospitable group to break this news, to "this just in."

MALE VOICE: And, as I've always wanted to say for my 37 years on this planet, I actually have an opportunity to say it, and now we return you to your regularly scheduled programming.


MALE VOICE Which be us, I guess, it would be us.

UTRICE LEID: So, say goodnight.

MALE VOICE: Oh, oh -- well, actually, we'll keep going.

UTRICE LEID: Say goodnight to ME! (Laughs)

MALE VOICE: Oh! I guess we were raised in a barn or something.

UTRICE LEID: Goodnight

MALE VOICE: Goodnight, Utrice

UTRICE LEID: And continue your good show.

MALE VOICE: And back to our..

UTRICE LEID: And back to your regularly scheduled program.