Michigan Update: 2/26/99

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We had a terrific meeting with Sen. Dunaskiss' staff today. I sincerely
expect we're going to get our state senate resolution after all. The staff
is clearly with us. I gave them a copy of the Salida Colorado resolution
as a model. I think its just about perfect!

I also finally got my hands on the wording of the Detroit resolution, and
will try to have it up here by tonight. And hopefully the Ferndale
resolution tonight as well. Can someone please remind me if I've posted
the Hazel Park version yet?

If you requested a copy of the info pack we've been using to get these
resolutions -- sorry for the delay -- but they went out today.

Please, please, please -- I hope everyone will try to get their
congresspeople to sign Bonior's letter. Tell them to call Bonior's office.
I posted a copy up here two nights ago. You know, it could possibly hurt
us if we don't get more than the five signatories the letter already has.
I'm pledging that Michigan will get at least five more signatures.

Hey, my wife just walked in with Ferndale!

By the way, for what its worth, pretty much every member of our group has
grown suspicious of a certain character who'd been attending every weekly
meeting for the last six months. Very vocal about everything, but never
willing to sign a letter, come to a demo, or lift a finger. Interrupting
every other minute. Starting fights and being generally disruptive,
pessimistic and antagonistic. Attacking the FCC constantly but always
defending the corporate broadcasters (why come to our meetings if that's
how you feel?). Loose with racial and religious slurs -- and we're not
putting up with that shit. Claiming to be broke but driving a mighty fine
car. I could go on. Well, no one ever told him he could not come to our
meetings anymore, but the unanimous displeasure at his behavior came out
at the previous week. And he did not come back this week. To the Michigan
Asso. of Broadcasters -- if this was your man -- there's no need for this
petty bullshit. You're invited to come to our meetings, incognito if you
insist. But you're just going to have to learn to be polite like the rest
of us!

We've had a very effective week here in Michigan. Some things I don't want
to disclose just yet, but all I can say to any N.A.B. folks reading this
-- it's going to be getting much, much worse.

I'll sum up with my favorite quote from the M.A.B., in a letter to Senator
DeBeaussaert last year, urging him to drop his resolution. "Increased
competition could over-saturate the market. Profits could deteriorate..."

These guys are proud to advocate restraint of trade! Perhaps they would
prefer to have this settled in court via anti-trust litigation. I'm sure
the M.A.B. got in a pile of shit with the national office for being so
honest. But let's use this quote for all its worth. If anyone wants the
whole letter, let me know.

Tom Ness
Jam Rag Press/Michigan Music is World Class Campaign
PO Box 20076, Ferndale MI 48220

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