FCC Shuts Down Pirate Station
by The Associated Press
September 29, 1998
Filed at 1:39 p.m. EDT

WASHINGTON (AP) -- Federal regulators have shut down an unlicensed radio
station in Memphis in the government's latest enforcement effort against
pirate radio operators.

The Federal Communications Commission, working with the U.S. Marshal's
Service, seized radio equipment from the station, which was operating at
power levels ranging from 90 to 6,400 times the legal limit.

The seizure took place on Sept. 23, but the commission didn't announce the
action until Tuesday.

Penalties for operating unlicensed stations include fines and a  prison
term of up to one year. But the FCC did not say whether it would seek such
any sanction against the FM station, which was operating on 94.7 MHz. The
station called itself "Free Radio Memphis."

In August, the government shut down 15 unlicensed radio stations in the
Miami area, one of its largest enforcement actions against pirate stations
to date. After that, the government shut down four pirate stations in

About 260 pirate radio stations have been shut down in the last year. Most
of those stations closed voluntarily after being contacted by regulators.