Black Cat Radio in Memphis busted, Arrests Made!!
Date sent:       Fri, 20 Nov 1998 03:01:17 -0600

just a quick note, more news/details to follow tomorrow.  three wobblies
and members of black cat radio 94.7 fm were arrested wednesday night, nov.
18th, for broadcasting from the university of memphis.  equipment was
confiscated and broadcasters were charged with "theft of services",
basically we were using their electricity. i'm not sure but my estimate is
that 4 hours of broadcasting was a "theft" of $.75-$1.00 per broadcast.
anyway, we're all tired as hell, spent nearly 24 hours in the slammer, and
it's late.  i'm off to clean the prison grime off. we've got a court date
tomorrow morning at 9am, not much will happen. i'll report more details


Liberate the Airwaves,

Denny Henke

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