July 21 1998
William E. Kennard, Chairman
Federal Communications Commission
1919 M Street, NW.
Washington, DC 20554

Dear Mr. Kennard,

The Green Party of California wishes to express its extreme displeasure
regarding the questionable, punitive actions of the Federal
Communications Commission levied upon the Micro-Power Radio Movement in
the United States and in California in particular.

Without delving into issues of concern such as the Telecommunications
Act and its resultant consolidation of media and ownership in detail,
the Green Party of California feels the above actions violate its
beliefs in the tenets of Grassroots Democracy and Community Based
Economics, among others.

As a result of a recent injunction prohibiting Stephen Dunifer and all
those acting in concert with him from broadcasting, Free Radio Berkeley
and San Francisco Liberation Radio have been forced to cease

The Green Party of California supports the legalization of Micro-Power
broadcast operations and opposes any injunction prohibiting such
stations which seek to broadcast programming of community interest in a
reasonable and accessible manner.

The Green Party of California insists that any judgment regarding the
legality of Micro-Power radio broadcasting on public airwaves be based
upon guarantees of free speech as embodied in the First Amendment of
the Constitution of the United States.

We urge the Federal Communications Commission to work toward
legalization of community broadcasting as typified by the Micro-Radio
Movement. We further ask that it cease its policy of intimidation and

The airwaves are a vital resource of the American Community and the
rights of access to that resource should not be restricted.


John C. Strawn,
Member and on the behalf of
the Coordinating Committee,
Green Party of California