June 20, 1998

Press release: For immediate release
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               Carol Denney 548-1512

Procedure Be Damned-Free Speech is the Issue

Judge Wilken's decision, based on narrow procedural grounds, is a slap in
the face of free speech and amounts to prior restraint. Neither I nor the
micropower broadcasting movement will be silenced by this injunction. It
only encourages me to intensify my efforts in the creation of a truly
democratic grass-roots broadcast media and facilitate the citizens of this
country taking back what rightfully belongs to them - the airwaves.

My attorneys, Luke Hiken and Alan Hopper, will be filing a motion to
challenge this extremely flawed ruling which insists that one must, first,
take part in an obviously futile process before constitutional standing can
be established. For 64 years, the FCC has stood for the protection of
corporate interests and profit, not the first amendment. To hell with the
FCC, NAB, and corporate control. We are going to reclaim our rights and
resources through an ever-increasing campaign of electronic civil
disobedience and direct action. Free speech by any means necessary. No
retreat, no surrender.

By Stephen Dunifer