Free Radio Gainesville Shut Down!
Mon, 30 Nov 1998 
From:  Free Radio Gainesville <>

Dear supporters of Free Radio Gainesville,

At about 3:45pm today (Monday, November 30, 1998), FCC agents from the Tampa field office along with other enforcement agents (who were not really sure of yet since none of us were there to witness) raided the studio of Free Radio Gainesville, 94.7 FM.

A DJ from the station was headed over to the station to do his show and he noticed the activity outside of the house from where we broadcast from. Instead of going in, he double-backed and left and came back later to find all of our equipment gone and some paperwork from the agents.

No one was at the station when we were raided and no one was arrested.

The Free Radio Gainesville Collective will be meeting tonight to discuss what possible actions we will take at this juncture and we will also be communicating with our community to encourage supporters to take specific actions to help us.

Our mission statement reads as follows:

"Free Radio Gainesville is a political radio station. As operators of a
micro-powered broadcast station, we intend to educate, agitate, and
activate our community for truth, justice, and freedom of expression. It
is our mission to contribute to the radical media project of countering
the deluge of corporate lies, half-truths and ommissions; to open up the
airwaves to the wealth of cultural and political diversity that exists in
our community; and to thereby build on the hard work of local radical
media projects such as the Gainesville Iguana and the Civic Media Center
towards constructing a more informed citizenry and a just, democratic, and
equal society."

Most importantly, we will NOT take this lying down.  We intend to fight to get our radio station back, consult with others wanting to start their own "free radio" stations and engage in the required struggle to win people's hearts and minds.

Please stay tuned for more information from Gainesville, Florida.

Our work has just begun . . .

Free the airwaves!!

For the Free Radio Gainesville Collective

        Free Radio Gainesville
               94.7 FM
            PO Box 15094
        Gainesville, FL  32604

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