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Kobres sentencing

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the U.S. Attorney strived for jail time, the Judge went with 36 months probation, a $7,500.00 fine, and 6 months home supervision. Judge Adams was not impressed with the FCC's claim
that unlicensed operations interfere with public safety, and could potentially cause adverse conditions to air traffic control. He related that the 90 or so 'unlicensed pirate' operations around the country paled in comparision to the case load of real criminal cases he works with on a daily basis. Kobres intends to appeal. The other members of the "Tampa Three" Kelly Kombat, and Doug Brewer were in the courtroom during the session. When asked by a local TV reporter what message was sent to the microbroadcasters around the country today, Brewer responded, "Pump up the volume".

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