Michigan State House Resolution No. 379

(from the Michigan Legislature Journal of the House [September 24, 1998])

Reps. Freeman, Baade, Ciaramitaro, Kelly, Tesanovich, Profit, Dobronski,
Prusi, Gubow, Kukuk, Bodem, Godchaux, Leland, Olshove, Harder, Hale,
Brater, Parks, Anthony, Scranton, Schermesser, Martinez, Kilpatrick,
Bogardus, Jelinek, Scott, DeHart, Basham, Willard, Baird, Murphy,
Birkholz, Richner, LaForge, Quarles, Hanley, Cherry and Varga offered the
following resolution:

House Resolution No. 379

A resolution to encourage the Federal Communications Commission
to restore approval for low power FM radio broadcasting.

Whereas, For many years, low power radio stations filled a unique niche in
the communications needs of local communities.  These operations, which
used less than 100 watts of power, were licensed as Class D FM stations;

Whereas, In 1978, The Federal Communications Commission made a
policy decision to stop licensing low power radio stations.  This decision
was based on concerns that low power stations were a hindrance to the
orderly development of FM radio and a potential impediment to the
efficient operation of facilities serving greater numbers of people; and

Whereas, In recent years, the rate of consolidation in the radio broadcast
market has increased.  As a result, far fewer locally based radio stations
have programming that serves their communities.  These concerns have
prompted many people to promote a change in FCC policies.  A petition of
rulemaking, which proposes the reestablishment of low power FM broadcast
services, is currently under consideration; and

Whereas, Allowing low power FM radio to return to the airways will achieve
several worthwhile goals in communications options open to people in our
country.  These community radio services will increase the local presence
in the media, increase diversity of ownership, provide more choices to
thepublic, offer new opportunities in business, and promote communications
that better reflect the character and needs of our communities; now,
therefore, be it

Resolved by the House of Representatives, That we encourage
the Federal Communications Commission to restore approval for
low power FM radio broadcasting; and be it further

Resolved, That copies of this resolution be transmitted
to the Federal Communications Commission.

The resolution was referred to the Committee on Public Utilities.