Our resolutions to re-legalize community radio were introduced into both
the Michigan Senate and House of Representatives on the last day of
session, Sept. 24. We gained 38 co-sponsors in the House on that first
day, along with several in the Senate! We figure we already have at least
80% of the votes we need for passage. (note: earlier versions mistakenly
reported "40%")

However, on Oct. 4 Senator DeBeaussaert (the author of the Senate version
of our resolution) told me he has been contacted by the Michigan
Association of Broadcasters, and he expects them to lobby hard against us.
If they start flexing their muscle, we could lose some of those who
support us now. The M.A.B. is a powerful lobby that represents the
corporate broadcasters of our state who do not want to give up their
monopoly of the public airwaves. It's bad enough they won't play Michigan
music on their stations, but they are going to do everything they can to
keep us from launching our own stations that WILL play our music!

We've come a long way with our Resolutions, and it is due to the 600
letters Michigan musicians have written so far. The M.A.B. has a lot of
clout, but one thing they cannot do is muster a similar grassroots
letter-writing campaign (imagine them asking people to defend their
monopolization of the public airwaves!). With the election less than a
month away, our elected officials will be especially responsive to letters
from you and I.

WE NEED EVERYONE TO WRITE THREE LETTERS: to the Governor, your state
senator and state representative. It takes no more than two minutes. Get
your friends, family and bandmates to do the same. We can win this one,
and we're close. And it will mean dozens of new radio stations all playing
Michigan music -- our music! Please help now. All you need to say is:
"Dear _____, Please support Senate Resolution 234 and House Resolution 379
urging the F.C.C. to re-legalize community radio."

Hand-written letters from individuals are best. Form letters and petitions
count far less. Sign your letters and send them to Jam Rag, PO Box 20076,
Ferndale MI 48220. We're covering all the postage. If you need the names
of your senator and representative, call Jam Rag (248-542-8090) or

Finally, I want to make mention of Senator DeBeaussaert of Mt Clemens, who
has risked the wrath of every corporate radio station in Michigan by
introducing our resolution. He is running a very tight race this year, and
it is conceivable that his support for us will cost him the election, if
enough of these stations go on the attack against him. Please call him and
thank him, and maybe even volunteer a couple hours stuffing envelopes for
his campaign (call 810-468-5512).

Copies of the resolutions are in this week's Jam Rag.

Now's the time to bring home the bacon. Nothing else we can do will do
more for our local music economy. Thanks for your help.

Tom Ness
Jam Rag

PS: If you know others who would like to receive these updates, send us
their email address.

Tom Ness
Jam Rag Press/Michigan Music is World Class Campaign
PO Box 20076, Ferndale MI 48220