Activists in Minnesota and Florida have announced plans to pursue resolutions

Date sent:       Thu, 15 Oct 1998

Activists in Minnesota and Florida have announced plans to pursue resolutions in their
states, and there are quite a few other states interested. Americans for
Radio Diversity asked for samples for our letter-writing campaign. Here
you go:

Our original letters said: "Dear Senator, Please support a resolution
urging the FCC to relegalize community radio. Thank you" Now that the
resolutions have been introduced, we're saying "Dear Senator, Please
support Senate Resolution 234 and House Resolution 379. Thank you."

Some folks have chosen to elaborate, but we honestly feel this is a matter
of quantity rather than quality. We think it's better to send a thousand
one-sentence letters than one Gettysburg Address.

Win free studio time,
a free CD duplication package & other prizes!
Get a writeup & your photo in Jam Rag!
& (best of all)
Help re-legalize community radio, the kind of stations most likely to play
local music!


The Michigan Music Campaign is part of a national movement working to end
corporate monopolization of the public airwaves, by relegalizing community
radio*. Through a massive letter-writing campaign, we have convinced the
Michigan Senate and House of Representatives to introduce Resolutions in
support of community radio. In order to get our Resolutions passed and
signed by the Governor, we need to swamp Lansing with even more letters.

That's where you come in. We need you to get 20 of your friends to write
three simple, one-sentence letters. They need to be addressed to your
friends' state senator, state representative, and Governor Engler. They
need only be one sentence long: "Dear ______, Please support House
Resolution 379 and Senate Resolution 234. Thank you. (name/address)"

The first 30 bands who generate at least 60 letters each will be featured
in a special edition of Jam Rag, including color photos of all the bands.
The three bands who generate the most letters will take their pick from
prizes including 12 hours of studio time at Tibuta Music (valued at $300),
a CD duplication/mastering package from Black River Records (valued at
$300), 10 hours of studio time at Woodshed Studios (valued at $350) and
other prizes. Finally, a party will be held in honor of the 30 winning

The people who write the letters must be legal residents of the State of
Michigan. It is better, but not necessary, for them to be registered
voters and of voting age. They must include their legal name and address
on each letter. Before beginning to collect your letters, be sure to call
Jam Rag (248-542-8090) for a contest kit, (including rules, sample
letters, fact sheets, flyers, articles about relegalizing community radio,
how to find the names of your senators and representatives, etc.)

It's not often you can help democracy, the local music economy
& your band at the same time! Call today!


* - In 1978, under heavy pressure from the big broadcasters, the FCC
discontinued "Class D" licenses for small, community-level radio stations.
Since then, and especially recently, the broadcast industry has undergone
a period of unprecedented consolidation, as corporate behemoths like
Westinghouse have bought up record numbers of stations from coast to
coast. As a result, local programming is disappearing from the public
airwaves. *************** We spoke with Sen. DeBeaussaert face to face
again last night. His information was not encouraging.

First, it appears we will have at most nine days that the Senate will be
in session once it resumes following the elections. That means we either
succeed at bringing our resolutions to the floor for a vote by
mid-November, or we have to start over in January. The House is about the
same story.

He also said that without the support of key Republican senators, we just
don't have a chance. DeBeaussaert's has other, simple leglislation on hold
for 7 months now, with the Republicans simply not allowing it to come up
for a vote.

He also mentioned a letter from the Mich. Asso of Broadcasters, who are
lobbying against our resolutions. The Senator's office, faxed over this
letter today. I will include the full text in the next update. They are
concerned about the cost of regulating the new stations, a decrease in
professionalism, unsightly antenna towers, and increased competition (at
least they are honest about this last one).

We feel very strongly we can win this one, even within this short period.
We count at least 14 of 38 senators on our side already. The contest above
should bring in 2-3 thousand individually written letters by the beginning
of November, which should be enough to swing a few more votes. Our support
IS bipartisan, although probably 75% Democrat. The MAB, as far as we know,
will conduct no such similar grassroots campaign. And even if we don't get
succeed before the clock runs out for this session, with this much public
support it will be a sure thing come January. ***************** Local
recipients may be interested in meeting Senato DeBeaussaert in person,
this Sunday, Oct. 18, 10:30 am-noon, VFW Bruce Post, 28404 E Jefferson, St
Clair Shores just north of 11 Mile. They are asking a $10 donation.

Tom Ness
Jam Rag Press/Michigan Music is World Class Campaign
PO Box 20076, Ferndale MI 48220