KEEP THOSE LETTERS COMING - Michigan Resolution Update
Date sent:       Wed, 11 Nov 1998 01:59:21 -0500
From:            Tom Ness <>


Here's where we stand with the resolutions:

Senate Res.234 has been referred to the Technology & Energy Committee.
Dunaskiss is chair, with fellow Republicans Schuette and Rogers. Democrats
are Berryman and Byrum. We've sent Dunaskiss 24 letters and Rogers has
received 28, so they may be helpful. The others have received less than
five each. So far we have four co-sponsors, Young, Peters, Hoffman (R),
and AW Smith, along with DeBeaussaert and Dingell who introduced.

We have until either Thursday or Friday, Nov. 19-20, for the Res to be
reported out of committee. Otherwise we're pretty much done for the year
(although not necessarily).

We feel we have enough votes in the Senate to ensure passage -- if we can
only get it to the floor!

House Res 379 was referred to the Public Utilities Committee way back in
September, right before they broke for the elections. It has 38
co-sponsors. Of the 23-member committee, 11 are co-sponsors. Again, we
feel we have at least 60 votes in the 110 member chamber -- but if it is
not reported out by Nov. 20, we're through.

In all, we've tracked over 1,500 individual letters sent to these people.
And it has paid off. It's the only reason we've gotten this far. And we're
really, really close to success.

The Governor's office has responded to about 400 letters with pretty much
a blowoff letter. This was a big disappointment for us, but we continue to
pound his office with more mail.

MMWC volunteers are making a last-ditch effort to collect letters over the
next few days.

About the letter-writing  contest, it has been successful in terms of
generating letters -- about 800 so far -- but not too many bands have
turned in letters so far, about ten. At this point we have about $3,000 in
about 14 individual prizes, so we actually have more prizes than
contestants at the moment! Lots of studio time has been donated -- ten
hours at Woodshed, ten hours at Middle Earth, 12 hours at Tibuta, plus
other stuff. Bands interested should call me at 248-542-8090 and I'll get
you started. Basically, get 30 or 40 of your friends to write three simple
one-sentence letters and you're pretty much guaranteed to be a winner at
this point.



Tom Ness
Jam Rag Press/Michigan Music is World Class Campaign
PO Box 20076, Ferndale MI 48220

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