Radio Mutiny breaks its silence

Date sent:        Thu, 4 Dec 1997 12:54:42 -0500
From:             Radio Mutiny <>
Subject:          Radio Mutiny breaks its silence

Hey everyone:

The FCC didn't "kick down the door" like they promised to last Tuesday, but
we did get the standard cease and desist letter.  We went off the air
temporarily to reorganize, and went full-on with a press conference in
front of Ben Franklin's old printing press.  The news ate up our spin that
when the US were still colonies, the Brits required a license and tax for
printing - now it's 200 plus years after the bill of rights, and nothing
has changed except the technology.  We took our transmitter and braodcasted
our plan of action, the first and ninth amendments,  article 19 of the UN
declaration of human rights, our demands, etc.  We were broadcasting in the
legal range, but the media didn't know that!

We made abc, nbc, the local npr affiliate, the Daily News, an all-news
radio station, the best local gay paper, and they're still coming -
Saturday we're recording an interview with morning edition on npr, monday
we're going live in the studio at Y100 FM, and CBS is doing a whole package
for the "philly after midnight" show.  The reporter wants some shots of the
studio so we get to blindfold him and drive him around the neighborhood in
Pete TriDish's van!

So, the FCC paid another visit yesterday to our old location, where they
waited for Pete to show up.  The agent knew his real name and where he's
from, so we guess they traced his license plate.  He said, "I'm looking for
Radio Mutiny, but I see the antenna is gone so it must have moved.  But I
bet it will pop up again, and we'll be listening.  You know, it's actually
quite legal to broadcast without a license if you do it at a low
frequency."  Pete looked at him quizically, then said, "oh, you must mean