Canyon Lake Radio Merges with uKIND

In an unprecendented microradio show of solidarity, programmmers from uKind San Marcos are giving up or sharing their time slots to programmers from the recently FCC busted Canyon Lake Radio (CLR).

San Marcos is approximately 30 miles from Canyon Lake and several uKind programmers had been doing shows on CLR nearly from its beginning. The shows have been spontneously merging but we have confirmed that Saturday from 4-8 pm and from 10-midnight, CLR programmers will again be on the airwaves.  From 6-8 Dave Huff will share time with Hays County Guardian publisher and uKind Director Zeal Stefanoff. CLR plans to begin realaudio transmissions in the next 30 days and hopes to be back on the air ASAP.  Toward that end, anyone who can donate or give us a good deal on a 30-50 watt transmitter please contact Joe Ptak at or Dave Huff at Tune in and hear what it sounds
like when the flatlanders and hillbillys in Texas share a frequency.

Free the airwhales,

Joe Ptak kind Radio

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