NAB's Declaration of War

Date sent:        Sun, 25 Jan 1998 01:56:24 -0800 (PST)
From:             Stephen Dunifer <>
Subject:          NAB's Declaration of War

This resolution was passed on January 12th by the NAB Radio Board:

The Radio Board of Directors of the National Association of Broadcasters
is concerned about the continued proliferation of unlicensed, illegal
"pirate" radio stations throughout the country.  These unlicensed
broadcast facilities undermine the Communications Act of 1934 and often
cause interference to broadcast and other radio services, such as air
navigation.  We commend the enforcement efforts of the FCC and Department
of Justice and urge additional enforcement activities including the
creation of a task force within the D.O.J.  We stand ready to support the
goverment's effort to eliminate unlicensed radio broadcast stations in
the United States.


Is that not special ?

I say: Both the FCC and NAB can kiss my Bill of Rights.

So, keep your transistors cool, your soldering irons hot and your
antennas up high.

Just remember the NAB has named a set of awards after Marconi, a fascist
collaborator who was real good pals with Musolini who said "Corporatism
is Fascism".  Marconi was not the first, the real credit should go to
Jagadis Chandra Bose for the first wireless transmission which took place
in 1895 at the Calcutta town hall one year before Marconi applied for his
patent.  Therefore, as part of our activities for Las Vegas we should
have a public "outing" of Marconi.

Stephen Dunifer
Free Radio Berkeley