Offers of Pro-Bono Help For Micro-casters

From: Jesse Walker <>
Subject: MRN: Pro Bono Help for Microcasters
Date sent: Mon, 2 Mar 1998

I just got a call from Scott Bullock of the Institute for Justice, a libertarian-conservative public-interest law firm based in Washington, DC. They're interested in doing some pro bono legal work for microcasters. If you're interested in contacting them, you can e-mail either Bullock ( or Dana Berliner (

For more info on the Institute, see their website:


From: Jesse Walker <>
Subject: MRN: Another Pro Bono Opportunity
Date sent: Mon, 2 Mar

And now I've gotten *another* call, this time from Michael Greve of the Center for Individual Rights. I haven't heard of this group before; he tells me it specializes in First Amendment issues, often defending Christian stations against the FCC. At any rate, this organization may also be interested in doing pro bono work for microcasters. If you're interested, you can contact Michael at (202) 833-8400.

Incidentally, please feel free to forward this information -- and the info I sent out earlier about the Institute for Justice -- to anyone else in the "pirate" community. There's no need to limit free legal help to people on this list -- or to people on the Net, for that matter.


Notify National Lawyers Guild if Your Station is Harassed

Date sent: Wed, 04 Mar 1998
From: Peter Franck <>

At 03:32 PM 3/3/98 -0500, Jesse Walker: >I'm afraid I either misheard or mistyped yesterday: the second outfit to >contact me was not the Center for Constitutional Rights (which >nonetheless may be interested in this kind of work; someone should >approach them) ...

We have and they are. We are working with them on some legal action to try and stop or slow the busts. Queary: is this still needed in this apparently changed climate. If anyone gets any new letters, or if there is any information on any confiscations or threats of consfiscations please let us (CDC) know as soon as possible. Thanks. ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
Peter Franck,
National Lawyers Guild Committee on Democratic Communications
558 Capp Street
San Francisco, CA 94110