fcc visit to sflr
Wed, 24 Feb 1999

Hi All,

Well, the FCC just dropped by. They were very polite, Richard was very
polite. They asked to come in and inspect the transmitter. They had no
warrant so they were not invited in. They handed over some papers and
left. The papers are from the "Compliance & Information Bureau...
Compliance Division (How very 1984), basically a "Notice of Unlicensed
Radio Operation" and instructions for what to do when the FCC comes to
your door. 2 pages of FAQ's saying that you let them in of course, warrant
or no, they don't need an appointment and you shouldn't make them wait.
You can voluntarily hand over your equipment for them to destroy if you
want to "avoid a large monetary forfeiture", but that's entirely up to
you. This entire document can be read on their website:

So they didn't inspect our equipment and we are still on the air. I guess
the next step is the large monetary forfeiture. Supposedly it is just to
take the equipment...stay tuned

Annie Voice

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