Steal This Radio Lawsuit: Good News

Monday, February 1, 1999

Folks in the Steal This Radio collective are celebrating tonight.

In an 8 page decision issued this afternoon by U.S. Federal District Judge
Mukasey, the FCC's motion against plaintiffs proceeding anonynously was

Plaintiffs DJ. Thomas Paine, DJ Carlos Rising, DJ Sharin, DJ E.S.E., etc,
on behalf of Steal This Radio, are thus protected to pursue "their
constitutional challenge" of the current FCC licensing scheme using their
*civil disobedience*  names.

The Center For Constitutional Rights' Barbara Olshansky, who represents
the case with independent free speech attorney Robert Perry, immediately
received many press calls today in reference to the decision, which is
considered a significant development in the case. Articles will be
appearing in the New York Times Metro section on Tuesday, as well as in
various law journals.

Steal This Radio was visited by the FCC in March 1998. In April, the
station launched a major lawsuit called Free Specch vs the FCC which
challenges the FCC's licensing scheme as an unconstitional  free speech
restraint. Today's decision by Judge Mukasey was his first in the case.
The Perry & Olshansky have been called to meet the Judge on February 19.

Steal This Radio continues to deliver free form community radio to the
Lower East Side of Manhattan seven nights a week.

Greg Ruggiero


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