Interview with Tauzin staffer re: Tauzin's NAB connections

A Free Radio Richmond reporter had the following telephone conversation with Rep. Tauzin's office...

From:            "Chris Maxwell" <>
Subject:         MRN: Just spoke to Tauzin LA ... Daugher DOES work for NAB
Date sent:       Fri, 12 Feb 1999 14:40:44 PST
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I just got off the phone with ____ (I missed his name, was passed to him
by secretary), however, given his knowledge of the LPFM proposals, I
suspect he is an LA.

I asked if Rep. Tauzin's Daughter worked for the National Association Of

He said, "She has, for many years."

I then said, "That sounds like conflict of interest."

He said, "No its not, if you look at the law, Conress sets the policy and
the FCC carries it out."

I then asked,"what constitutes policy?"

He admittedly said something that did not stick in memory.

Then he more or less repeated that "we are sending a strong message that
we want the FCC to consult Congress ..."

I,"What constitutes consulting, after all, they are having a comment
period now. Isn't that consulting?"

He repeated the stuff about policy in slightly different wording. He then
made goodby noises, I asked for his name, he slammed the phone in my ear!!

Now, the secretary only had me on hold for about 15 seconds, suggesting
that he was very handy, and he knew exactly what the issues were and the
whole phone call took less than a solid minute!!!

He sounded very harassed, or maybe he was just naturally an asshole.

Either way, Tauzin's aide did NOT like the "conflict of interest"

S, Max

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