House Telecommunications Subcommittee Chair Billy Tauzin Moves Against Low-Power Proposal

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Tauzin moves against low-power radio: Rep. Billy Tauzin, R-La., chairman of the House telecommunications subcommittee, plans to put the kibosh on a Federal Communications Commission rule-making that  could lead to the creation of thousands of low-power radio stations. The  lawmaker will send FCC Chairman Bill Kennard a letter Wednesday or Thursday asking him to suspend
the rule-making until his panel holds hearings. "He and his agency are subject to Congress," Rep. Tauzin said. "The law is th at Congress makes the policy." The legislator is concerned that low-power radio will interfere with  commercial radio signals and draw listeners away from public stations. He  said Congress needs to explore whether the new stations would be for profit or nonprofit and what their marketplace impact would be. Congress has repeatedly criticized the FCC chairman for overstepping the agency's regulatory authority.

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>From the discussion on opposition to LPFM:

Eddie Gein
posted February 11, 1999 10:59 GMT/UTC

                       BIG Surprise here...............

                       Tauzin Pushes Against Low Power

Not so fast on microradio, House Telecommunications Subcommitee Chairman
Billy "greasy palms" Tauzin (R-La) plans to tell FCC Chairman Kennard
doay, both in a letter and during a speech Tauzin is giving to radio
station group heads. "The Chairman is working on his own without
consulting Congress," Tauzin said, "He needs to come to Congress and
explain why this ought to be done....When he goes off on his own, he
generally runs into problems on the Hill."

                       Mr Tauzin would love to hear from you!
                       Give his offices a call or e-mail him today !


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