"We are all the other guy" - NAB'ers on Consolidation

Wed, 27 Jan 1999
From: stephen provizer <improviz@gis.net>
I came across an article about Radio Industry stocks in the New York Observer, an interesting, basically mainstream publication. The gist of the article is that Walls St. loves Radio for all the reasons we hate it-including the proliferation of ads. In any case, the article closes this way:

"In such markets, listeners who tire of the ads on one Infinity-owned station may find themselves switching to another station that also reports to Mr. Karmazin. George Sosson, Clear Channel's senior vice president, sums up radio's new rules: Before the F.C.C. loosened its regulations, stations were afraid to increase loads[the # of ads] too much for fear of driving customers to "the other guy, " he said. "Now, we all are the other guy."

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