Tree Radio Berkeley:

From November 23, to December 4, 1998, Free Radio activists  conducted a non-stop broadcast atop a tree in  Central Berkeley to demand an end to the string of micropower radio station closures and harassment by FCC officials.

Interview with Birdman of Tree Radio Berkeley
He explains the reason for the actions and the demands for the return of the stations that have been removed from the air, a halt to seizures, and the implementation of a legal non-commercial micro-radio service
in 16kbps streaming .mp3

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spurt solar powered radio

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Sparrow broadcasting from tree Radio Berkeley

View from the Tree Radio Berkeley studio

From an eyewitness...
November 25 - Day 3 of the Berkeley Tree Sit in Willard Park. 

So far has been great; the two activists have been broadcasting 50' up in a tree since 2 PM on Monday. There has been much media attention, and its only increasing with time.  The FCC came out today and tried to serve them with a Notice of Stop It, but could not deliver it because they couldn't reach that high.

They left, promising they'd return with federal marshals and show us who's who. There's been tons of community support; people stop by and cheer them on. The activists have no plans to come down, and they are supported by a large ground crew. Stay tuned for further news! 

Eleanor Walden

Birdman broadcasting on Tree Radio Berkeley

View from the ground

Sat, 28 Nov 1998 - Day 5 of the Great tree sit 

Radio DJ's have changed twice . Good  job. Birdman and Sparrow, and Egggplant and Avalanche.! Ground support keeps 
growing as does people willing to climb that tree. People come by with moneyv and food. Someone came by with a new car battery. Batteries car, cell phone and equipment are the  biggest expense. What started as a media stunt may be the then next big thing in Free radio. When they attack you on the ground, go up  a tree. 

Side Note: For those of you old enough to know: Willard Park (where the treesit is) is 2-3 blocks south of People's Park, and in the 60's was known as Ho Chi Minh Park. Here in Ecotopia we take our parks and trees seriously. 

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