URGENT: Lobby NOW on LPFM Rulemaking

Subject:  MRN: URGENT:Lobby NOW on Rulemaking
Date: Thu, 12 Nov 1998 11:49:40 -0800
From: Philip Tymon <phltymon@sonic.net>

Various sources in D.C. have told us that the FCC wants to take further
action on the Low Power FM rulemaking very soon. Indications are that they
are getting strong opposition. It is urgent that we make a major lobbying
push RIGHT NOW to demonstrate massive support for a "legalized"
non-commercial low-power service along the lines we have proposed.
Apparently the opposition is claiming that the majority of
micro-broadcasters want to be "pirates" and will not apply for licenses,
even if given the chance.

The Committee on Democratiic Communications (CDC) STRONGLY urges you to take
action RIGHT NOW. Any actions that indicate massive support are worth doing.
However, involving members of Congress is probably the most important and
effective at this point.

We urge you to write a letter to you local Senators and Representative(s).
Tell them that you are a local organization that either has, is currently,
or would like to provide a local, community based, low power broadcast
service. Current FCC rules prohibit such a service. There is currently a
preliminary rulemaking (RM- 9208, 9242, 9246) that would make it possible
for you to "legally" operate such a local radio station. Urge them to
contact the FCC and express their strong support for LPFM. Ask them to meet
with you so you can discuss the situtation in more detail. Ask ALL of your
supporters to send similar letters to you local Congressperson. If you have
time, any support from other politicians (governors, mayors, state
legislature, city council, etc. will also help).

1. It is IMPORTANT that you send copies of your letters to the Congress
people to EACH FCC Commissioner individually. Snail mail is probably best,
but e-mail is better than nothing.

Send to: William Kennard wkennard@fcc.gov
  Susan Ness  sness@fcc.gov
  Harold Furchgott-Roth hfurchtg@fcc.gov
  Michael Powell mpowell@fcc.gov
  Gloria Tristani gtristan@fcc.gov

Federal Communications Commission
1919 M Street, N.W.
Washington, D.C. 20554

2.  Anything else that you can do to call attention the issue is crucial.
Letters to the editor, local articles, community meetings, rallies, etc.
Send copies of newspaper stories, etc. to the FCC commissioners.

We need to BOMBARD with FCC with material indicating that this is a massive
movement with significant support.

3. Spread the word:  Many microbroadcasters are not on the web. Try to
contact everyone you know who is interested in this issue and urge them to
take some action. Spread the word through every means possible.

4. Coalition building.  We need to consider building a strong and effective
coalition to support microradio.