FCC Visits Radio Free Vermont

Date sent:       Thu, 08 Oct 1998 23:38:54 -0400
From:            Monty Butterfield <rfv@sover.net>
Organization:    Butterfield Communications d/b/a Radio Free Vermont

(9/28/98) This evening, Victor J. Tagliaferro (e-mail vtagliaf@fcc.gov) of
the Federal Communications Commission Compliance and Information Bureau (1
Batterymarch Park, Quincy, MA 02169-7495 (tel 617-786-7746 / fax
617-770-2408) visited Radio Free Vermont to take signal strength
   Mr. Tagliaferro was informed that he was outside of his jurisdiction
and that he was not to come onto the property, which he respected. He took
measurements and noted RFV at 200mv/M. He was informed that RFV did not
cross state lines, and therefore, was not under the jurisdiction of the
FCC. We will now expect a notice from the FCC about his visit and the
signal strength test, which we are fully prepared to contest on
jurisdictional grounds.
   The FCC has no INTRASTATE commerce jurisdiction. The FCC's
jurisdiction is limited to INTERSTATE and FOREIGN commerce.
   Radio Free Vermont does not cross state lines, does not interfere
with airplanes or marine vessels under Federal Jurisdiction.
   We do not hold any of this against Mr. Tagliaferro personally, we
hold it against his superiors and the FCC itself for harrassing
INTRASTATE stations,
under the false assumption that they have jurisdiction over everything
that emits even the smallest amount of RF.