First National Mobilization for Micropower Broadcasting
Showdown at the FCC and NAB, October 4-5, 1998
Washington, DC
A number of people asked for a central location for reports on the mobilization, info on where to get tapes and a way to exchange information.
If you have info to exchange, contact us at:


Audio and Video Tapes Available

The events were extensively videotaped. People who have tapes available or are looking for tapes on the demonstration and workshops, feel free to send us your announcements and we'll post them here.
From the Folks in Richmond... 

Video Footage - MicroRadio March & Seminars 

Please excuse the informality of this mass mailing.  I want to address all concerns you may have about obtaining copies of what Chris Maxwell and I have filmed over the weekend. We have reviewed most of our tapes and are going ahead with an edit here this week.We have very nice footage of the march, our sound recordings are a little sketchy but we can make do. 

You have the option of: 

1) Requesting raw footage of any of the events, with all the glitches, pauses, and bad sound therein, or 

2) Waiting until we complete edited master tapes from the footage for dubbing purposes.  We can also fix bad sound with EQ and compression in certain instances. 

We have verified useable footage of the following: 


  • Everything you need to start a community station besides a transmitter: facilitated by Joan and Eli of Free Radio Memphis
  •  The current legal situation facilitated by Alan Korn of the Committee for Democratic Communications, Scott Bullock from the Institute for Justice
  • Transmitters 101: facilitated by Pete Tri Dish
  • Transmitters 202: facilitated by ???
[we will have more as we review them]
  • LaCasa:  (PLEASE correct my spelling - Don't forget diacritical(sp?) characters)

  •  [Need MC's name!] 
     Margaret Hoven 
     Jackie Velez 
     Timothy Jones 
     Promo for Stand For Our Neighbors 
    Karen - Succoth (??) 
    La Maraein (??) 
    Juliette Randolph 
    Youngstown Smokers 
    Promo- INS Demo & Community Street Fair 
     Jessica Alvarez - Promo - INS Demo 
    Maria Cardinal 
     Kike Alvirez 
    Juana Obal 
    Pete Tri Dish and Blanketman _ Promo - FCC/NAB Demo - Signs 
    Mache Tres (??) 
    Natalie Avery & Jay Robbins
[At this point I had to leave the camera - anyone standing had their heads chopped off] 
     Roberto Sanchez 
     Amanda Huron - Promo - FCC/NAB Demo  [yr head's chopped off - anonymous!] 
     Sheriff Bryant (YIKES!! We had a good shot of him seated but we chopped  his head off otherwise.  AND THEN the tape ran out.  We got about  4-5 useable minutes of audio and about 1-1.5 minutes of video --sorry) 
[Back to full shots] 
     Shout-outs from MB's and aspiring MB's 
    Conclusion - Kraftwerk 'Radioactivity'
  • Freedom Forum - Sound is not the best
  • The March
Max and Slack are planning to prepare 60 and 30 minute programs, and will edit others as the month progresses.  Only those who need raw footage for editing should request it. There is also an interview with Dennis Wharton of the NAB. 

A donation of $2.50 per tape, and $2.00 for postage, would be appreciated. I need to work out special arrangements for the UK and Europe for those interested parties. Your dubs will be on Hi-Grade TDK VHS video tapes. If you want to order now, specify if you want a 2-hour, 4-hour, or 6-hour tape. 

P. O. Box 25464 
Richmond, Virginia  23261-5464   USA 

The Radio Free Richmond Site will be up by the weekend.  Go there to hear sound clips from 
the March, and read the complete transcript of interviews with Pete Tri Dish and Blanketman. 

Best Regards!  Steve Slack 

Obnostic Sound & Vision  
Radio Free Richmond Project 

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