International Union of Electrical Workers


April 20, 1999
William Kennard, Chair
Federal Communications Commission
1919 M Street, NW
Washington, DC 20554

Dear William Kennard:

This letter is submitted to the Federal Communications Commission as it
reviews its rules with regard to low power FM radio.

Today radio in the United States has moved away from the vision of its
pioneers as a force for democracy.  Currently owned by a tiny number of
huge multinational corporations, the radio outlets in this country now
predominantly deliver an audience to paying advertisers.

We desperately need a system of worker oriented, community based local
radio stations, controlled and operated by the people in the communities
they serve. I urge the Commisson to consider among the alternatives in
your forthcoming Notice of Proposed Rulemaking, the option of completely
noncommercial, locally owned and local programmed micro radio.

I also urge you to craft a plan for allocating spectrum space to
communities which is simple, straightforward and ease for users such as
IUE's members and community representatives to master.  Consideration for
these principles would permit Local Unions and labor councils and similar
community organizations to consider utilizing some form of low power
broadcasting directly.

Very truly yours,

Peter Mitchell

Assistant to the President
and General Counsel

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