Montrose Radio seized
 Tue, 27 Apr 1999

At around 1300 CST FCC agents, Houston Police Department and
US Marshalls armed with a warrant shut down Houston's only Public
Access radio station, Montrose Radio 94.9fm. The station was
broadcasting but unmanned. No arrests were made. Entrance was
gained at two points simultaneously, through the retail location
on the first floor and through  the back entrance to the second
floor offices. An interior door between the retail establishment
and the upstairs offices was smashed open. No Guns were drawn,
but several bystanders associated with the building of a sound
stage for this weekends local street festival were detained,
 hands on head. At last report the property remains under surveillance.

Legal and procedural advice is requested of any/all listmembers.

One of the police officers was reported to have been a station