NAB show true colors

From:            "Bill Doerner" <>
Mon, 5 Apr 1999

The following is from the FRN and is addressed to a LEGALLY LICENSED
STATION in Alaska.  It shows that the NAB does NOT represent all licensed
stations, but rather only those who agree with their positions.  I would
think a reference to this letter in comments to the FCC woud be in order.

On a personal note, these NAB guys are WAAAAAAAYYYY  over the line...

<Copied Text Follows>

National Association of Broadcasters
George Barber, Vice President
April 5, 1999

Aaron Wallender
President, KQEZ
PO BOX 92782
Anchorage, Alaska 99509


RE: Application for NAB Radio Membership

Dear Mr. Wallender:

This letter is in response to your application for Active Radio membership
in the National Association of Broadcasters ("NAB") dated March 31, 1999.
You request membership for radio station KQEZ, licensed to Houston,
Alaska. A question has arisen regarding your application.

An e-mail message appeared on the FRN Grapevine LPFM on March 31, 1999
from an individual identified as "Unlicensed". The topic of the thread was
"NAB double agent" and Unlicensed claimed new membership in NAB for $80.00
per month. From our records, it appears that Wolfgang Kurtz, Chief
Engineer and part owner of KQEZ, is likely to have posted this message, as
your application for membership was received on the same day and was the
only membership for the $80/month fee in Alaska. If this is the case, we
have reason to believe that your intention in applying for membership with
NAB contravenes the objectives of our Association. Thus, we cannot process
your application at this time.

If we are mistaken in our assumption that Wolfgang Kurtz is "Unlicensed",
we sincerely regret the error. In that event, we look forward to hearing
from you.




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