FCC Hits WJMZ - Brooklyn, NY

Tara Ball <taraball@earthlink.net> wrote:

Friends  & Comrades
I have very sad news...

WJMZ 89.3 is down and out. over. finito. the end. goodbye.

This morning, the FCC managed to obtain entry to our stations location
during the high school kids radio show. Here's the story...an agent by the
name of Judah (?) began stopping people in the street early this morning
near where the station is located and asking them where the radio station
is. He eventually waited until he saw a kid ringing the buzzer for entry
to the station and followed him. One of the other kids came up to let him
in, looked thru the peep hole and saw it was his friend, opened the door.
Our agent Judah, steps in from around the corner and places himself
between the two kids. Tells them he is a Federal agent and that they are
broadcasting illegally, he intimidates then manages to get them to let him
in. The station manager was moving his car when this happened. He comes
down and is confronted by the agent, already in our space. He is coerced
into giving the agent his name & an address, and makes him give him his
word that the station will shut down. Judah and another agent were in and
around the building all day til 5pm. Judah sited his reason for coming to
the station was that someone had complained of interference with their TV.
They did not get our antenna or equipment. Mostly because they are not on
the stealth slick and slippery fitness plan. There's more but that's all
for the here and now.

There will be a farewell benefit party for the station in the next few

My advice, the next time you are having trouble with your TV reception.
Call the FCC. They will get right on it. Isn't that who everyone calls
when they have trouble with their TV?

Today is a day of much bad news and loss. But this can only fan the
smoldering embers into flame! Feed the fire!

I would just like to add that the Buddha Princess Tea Party with my
special guest the Queen of Sex was wonderful. It's so great to have the
ability to freely express yourself. We discussed politics and sex and it
was beautiful. and now....this....what happened to freedom of speech? Do
you see? School kids broadcasting to their classmates! This is a crime?
This must be stopped?!? Women talking about their community, artistic
endeavors and sexuality, this is wrong? Where do we live? I thought this
was land of the free, home of the brave. Yeah, all that hip hop and those
crazy amoeba nights. or was it the rock n roll or the punk or the techno
or the talk or the herbal remedy advice or the indian pow wow or those
loco latinos or all that fun and community?

I have this feeling deep in the pit of my stomach, that makes me feel sick
when I see that all the non regulated community meeting places in this
city are being systematically destroyed. Why is this happening? We are
lucky that we have an online community but many many many people do not
have this luxury. And who are those people and why would it be
advantageous to have them separated, unable to join together as a
community? What is there to fear? Think about it. What is the wrong with
Community radio? Seems very ummmm UnAmerican to not want such a thing?
It's free, it's informative, it's fun. It's a place to express ourselves
and work out our problems. No big bucks to pay for election campaigns or
to feed federal fat cats. By the people, for the people.

Strange Dos Blocos, Serenity, WJMZ all in one day??? and with no JMZ over
the bridge for 6 months. SNAP! Where is the magic wand? My life is
changing. Time to put on the combats boots and lipstick. Any one
interested in a long road trip this summer? for like a month? I am

I love you and miss you already.

electroampomagnanomously yours,
the Buddha Princess

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