SPINNING LIKE A TOP: Pacifica coup leaders begin a frenzied campaign of lies to discredit Juan Gonzalez' Pacifica Campaign which has called for a donor boycott until the Pacifica Board resigns.


KPFK Manager Mark Schubb Threatens Corporate Sponsorship

On March 23, approximately 1200 KPFK listeners packed a forum to hear Juan Gonzalez, Amy Goodman, Bernard White and others talk about the Pacifica crisis. After attempts to derail the panel, which included pressuring the scheduled moderator, Ramona Ripston of the ACLU to withdraw (she was replaced by California Legislator Jackie Goldberg) as well as other panelists, KPFK manager Mark Schubb made an appearance at the event. He had declined an earlier invitation to participate, as had various Pacifica officials.

Schubb and his supporters handed out leaflets that threatened listeners with corporate sponsorship if they withheld their money. Interesting that these Pacifica coup leaders would rather violate Pacifica's more than 50 year ban on corporate sponsorship, rather than step down and return Pacifica to community control. Lew Hill meant for the system of listener-sponsorhip to be a feedback mechanism, a way for the listeners to indicate whether the station was doing its job of providing a valuable radio alternative. Ironic, isn't it?

Here is the material Schubb was distributing at the forum. These are images of the actual flyer:

Side 1 - Side 2


Then, Pacifica CEO Bessie "the censor" Wash recycles an old technique, by breaking into the 3/26 broadcast of Democracy Now! to denounce Pacifica democracy activists as violent.

Report on incident
Mp3 Audio of 3/26 DN!