FAIR calls for Pacifica Board of Directors to Resign, Counterspin yanked mid-broadcast by KPFK GM Mark "The Gagmaster" Schubb

FAIR Press Release

July 16, 1999

Pacifica Leadership Should Step Down for Good of Network

As a media watch group supportive of independent voices in a media environment dominated by conglomerates, FAIR has watched in agony the deepening crisis at Pacifica (and KPFA).  Over the years, FAIR had been sympathetic to national board efforts to professionalize the network and give it a stronger national identity.  We believe such improvements could have been made within the context of a more accountable board structure. During the current crisis, we've closely monitored the conflict and all public pronouncements -- and we've consulted privately with many of the
players, including employees, managers, local advisory board members and national board members.  FAIR believes that the clearest path out of the crisis, the clearest path toward restoring Pacifica's credibility as an independent journalistic force, is for the leadership of the national board and the executive director to resign.  We offer this conclusion with great sadness, in view of the talents and historic accomplishments of these individuals.  In recent events at Pacifica, however, their persistently errant decisionmaking has polarized and escalated the crisis, and threatened the future of this unique media institution.

Contact: Steve Rendall, mailto:SRendall@fair.org


Report from KPFK listener Chuck Scurich

I am listening to KPFK right now here in Los Angeles.  At 3 o'clock Counterspin began its regular showing and began with a great coverage of what is happening with the Pacifica crisis.

Then suddenly around 3:10 PM,  the Counterspin program (my very favorite, as you well know)  was cut off with Mark Schubb's voice and he has given his explanation and viewpoint and is taking calls and being very defensive.  I am recording the program now.

Chuck Scurich
NOTE: we will try to get sound and transcript to the site as soon as possible - LG

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