More than 60 Thousand Spent....
to bust the unions at Pacifica: a report from WBAI Steward R. Paul Martin

Date sent: Fri, 22 Nov 1996 23:54:21 -0500
From: "R. Paul Martin"

Last night I attended the WBAI Local Board meeting.

After "The Plan" was gone over, General Manager Valerie Van Isler gave her report.

Unpaid Staff representative Mimi Rosenberg asked Valerie how much money had been spent on fighting the Union, including NLRB stuff, lawyer's fees, etc. Valerie said they'd spent $32,000 on this (I'm not sure if this is for FY 96 or to date), but they'd only budgeted $22,000 for it, so they were $10,000 over budget on this item. Valerie seems to have just been in number crunching mode rather than thinking about the import of what she'd said because she then volunteered that other stations had spent $30,000 on this.

My immediate thought was that $30,000 sounds like a familiar figure. This is what Pat Scott has been denying that Pacifica paid ACG all this time. Perhaps there is a more frank discussion of certain money matters when the GMs are all alone in a room with Pat Scott.

I thought it was an interesting revelation.

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