A Partial List of ACG's Clients
taken from an ACG promotional video

This is a partial list of the Clients of the American Consulting Group (ACG) taken from one of their promotional videos, as well as US government records. ACG claims to have been involved in more than 3000 successful anti-union campaigns.

The American Consulting Group was former known as West Coast Industrial Relations Association. They adopted the name American Consulting Group when they decided to push for national clientele. This occurred around 1990. (They operate under several company names. Currently, they are also known as The Center for Human Resources.)

In 1980, a National Labor Relations Board complaint was filed against West Coast Industrial Relations and their clients The Sunrise Hospital Medical Center. The NLRB ordered the respondents (WCIRA and Sunrise) to cease and desist from:

among other charges. This is just one example of ACG's tactics. For those who may not know, "decertification" is the term for throwing a union out of a shop-----union busting.

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